Euro PCR Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
On May 17, 2023, the breakthrough results of a study evaluating the NETROD® Mesh Multi-Electrode Renal Artery Radiofrequency Ablation System were unveiled at the prestigious European Interventional Cardiology Conference (EUROPCR 2023), a leading global event in the cardiovascular field. This significant announcement further strengthens the body of evidence supporting the effectiveness and safety of the clinical RDN treatment, marking another milestone in the journey towards advancing patient care.
Current status of hypertension population
* according to the Health China action (2019-2030) , "The prevalence rate among adults aged 18 and over in China is 27.5% , and there are 1.28 billion patients worldwide", "HYPERTENSION" -World Health Organization, NOUBIAP ET Al. Heart 2018 and other literature shows: “Our current blood pressure control rate is 17.8% , the worldwide blood pressure control rate is only 21% .”
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